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Palliative Care Consultation, Quality-of-Life Measurements, and Bereavement for End-of-Life Care in Patients With Lung Cancer

Objective: To develop clinical practice guidelines for application of palliative care consultation,
quality-of-life measurements, and appropriate bereavement activities for patients with lung
Methods: To review the pertinent medical literature on palliative care consultation, quality-of-life measurements, and bereavement for patients with lung cancer, developing multidisciplinary
discussions with authorities in these areas, and evolving written guidelines for end-of-life care of
these patients.
Results: Palliative care consultation has developed into a new specialty with credentialing of
experts in this field based on extensive experience with patients in end-of-life circumstances
including those with lung cancer. Bereavement studies of the physical and emotional morbidity
of family members and caregivers before, during, and after the death of a cancer patient have
supported truthful communication, consideration of psychological problems, effective palliative
care, understanding of the patient’s spiritual and cultural background, and sufficient forewarning
of impending death.
Conclusion: Multidisciplinary investigations and experiences, with emphasis on consultation and
delivery of palliative care, timely use of quality-of-life measurements for      
morbidities of treatment
modalities and prognosis, and an understanding of the multifaceted complexities of the bereavement
process, have clarified additional responsibilities of the attending physician.
(CHEST 2007; 132:404S–422S)
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